6 (36) | December, 2016

Table of contents

Current events

How will the state support agrarians in 2017?

Pig Production of 2016 in numbers

African swine fever: is there a reason for optimism?

Industry events

Agrarian Olympus 2016: deserved reward for conscientious work

Exporters' Congress 'Ukrainian Food 2016': how to compete on a global scale?

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

EuroTier: immensity and variety

Plemservice, PHC became the new member of APPU

Ukrainian pork at Anufood China 2016

APPU works out international liaison

Year's results: what do we have for 2017?

For an owner

I. Glotova Agrarian results2016: winnings and knockouts

2016 under the Darwin's sign: natural selection in pig production

Grain market in 2016: what determined price?

For a manager

Maximising the sow genetic potential: methods and consequences

30 FAQs must know about sperm

For a technologist

B. Hildebrand Better zink availability higher pigs performence indicators

What corn milling dispersity is the optimal for pigs?

A. Heseker Organic acids for pigs' health and growth impovement

For a veterinary

V. Piotrovych Successful desinfection means safe biosecurity

O. Sheptuha Practical example of diagnisis and treatment pigs with ears necrosis syndrome

For a gourmand

Pork: what's the secret of world popularity

Business trip

It's Chine, babe!

Unexpected facts


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