5 (35) | October, 2016

Table of contents

Current events

M. Sokolov Entering of the minimum tax liability fully compensates budget expenditures on the restoration of special mode for a number of industries, including the pig ones

M. Sysoev It is likely that breeding sites will belong to the class of significant consequences

Do pig breeders seek to poison Ukraine?

Industry events

Clash of the Titans 2016: the largest practical demonstration of techniques

United by pig breeding: National Pig Day 2016

Mortem Academy Zoetis: european experience

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Biosecurity audits: was American expert struck by Ukrainian pig farms?

Replenishment in AUPB: two new members have joined

Markets overview

Pig meat market in its own juice

The world market of pork

Feeds market trends


Halychyna-Zakhid Ltd.:10 years investments in Ukrainian pig breeding

Management . conomics

A. Kheseker. How much do unproductive sows days cost?

Feeds . Feeding

Hygiene feed production, aspects

R. Tymoshenko. Chelated micronutrients in the pigs' diet better production indexes

Role of sorbents in pigs feeding

Peculiarities of pigs feeding after ablactation

Health status

5 steps controlling PRRS

B. Evert. Sows MMA syndrome: problems and solutions

Leadership strategies

My farm is my castle: biosecurity audit on Ukrainian pig farms

The competitor

Hog Slat Ukraine Ltd.: 5 years of improvement


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