2 (14) | April, 2013

Table of contents


News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Markets overview


Vitagro - life on the soil: business philosophy, lays in one word

Legal advice

Sysoev, K. Ishchenko Pigs delivery: dont play the hog

Management . conomics

False mirrors of agricultural recruiting

O. Romaniuk, W. ylypets-Romaniuk You've purchased a boar... what is next?

V. Yaroshenko Seven steps towards feed mill

Good advice is always undated Episode 1: feeds, feeders, water and drinkers

Technologies Feeding

Protection of piglets after weaning

Using of zymoplastic microbes is profitable

Rye in the pigs diets: dont be afraid to break stereotypes!

Ideal granule

Mark Deku Stimulation of pig growth and increase of production profitability by using chelated micronutrients

In order iron doesnt rust

Technologies Animal health

V. Piotrovich APP - new danger

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: correct diagnostics and wise prophylaxis

O. Vorozhbitov, I. Svyatnyy "Piglets prefer tasty water"

Delicate problem - worms

Technologies Reproduction

A. Baban Collection stool for your boar

Leadership strategies

Fermented grains for pigs

Time for an effective manager

Female radio


M. Yaroshko Manure storage and separation

Unexpected facts



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