1 (31) | February, 2016

Table of contents

Industry events



Agro Animal Show: the meeting place cannot be changed

Presentation of modern phytase

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Representatives of pig industry change rules of animal housing

APPU has got two new members

Annual meeting of Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine informative and aethetic!

Agroprime Holding renovated nucleus livestock

Press-conference of APBU: Is there collapse at the pork market? What provokes the price decrease and what impact will it have on pork production in 2016

Simulation exercises: communication is the main thing

Markets overview

Pork market: new start

World pork market: what to expect in 2016?

Feed market

Hot topic

External trade as controller of domestic market


Barkom, LLC: the success of vertical integration in Ukraine

Legal advice

VAT implementation mechanism for agriproducers in 2016

Management . conomics

O. Kravchenko, A. Getia, R. Schrijver, M. Chemezov Prospects of usage the modern system of pig carcasses evaluation at meat-processing plants of Ukraine

Immunocastration: minus flavour, plus profit

Benchmarking in pig farming: cognition comes through comparison

Feeds . Feeding

A. Hesseker Organic acids for gain in health and production indicators

Strategy and management for finishers

As for benefits of flavor additives

A. van Lankveld, V. Lohov The importance of sows liver protection

Phytase in pig diets

Health status

V. Evert, O. Sheptuha Practical example of diagnosing and solving the clinical setting on commercial farm with medium livestock

Clinical examination: primary diagnistics

J. Carr The disease definition by clinical signs

What taught PED?

African swine fever: will the vaccine appear?

Leadership strategies

The best experience of Danish selection Roenshauge A/S


K. Rasmussen Air cleaning in livestock unit

Business trip

Belgium: pork has to be... immunocastrated

The competitor . Meatprocessing

EuroCommerce: territory of quality meat!

Unexpected facts


The director, who always says that everything is bad

Milk and Farm magazine