5 Steps Controlling PRSS

Porsine reproductive respiratory syndrome is a relevant disease which causes significant economic losses throughout the world, including Ukraine. Though only a few know how to control it. Paul Henning Ratkjen, Danish expert in pigs health, told how a farm with PRSS may achieve high production indexes during the VIII International Congress «Profitable pig production».

«I-TEK Ukraine»: individual attention and confidence

Despite the challenging times, the pig farming branch doesn’t give up and continues fast-moving development. Producers, who have already worked in the market, are expanding and the new ones buy and reconstruct placements of former collective farms or build new complexes. In every case the equipment is required. On our market there several «powerful» companies that propose high quality product. One of them is I-TEK Ukraine, LLC. The enterprise also provides services of pig farms reconstruction. About French technologies in Ukrainian realities told the director of I-TEK Ukraine Viacheslav Mykhailov.

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