4 (40) | August, 2017

Table of contents

Current events

Compensation for the cost of replacement herd. What will get pig producers?

Summer is the time to enter to the APPU!

ASF: Anti-record for the number of outbreaks

"Hygienic guidelines" - an action in practice

Markets overview

Pork doesnt need visa waiver

World market trends of oil and grain crops


Tarutin Agrarian Company, LLC: an unconventional approach to the organization of pig production

For an owner

Farm building: action algorithm

The game ahead

For a manager

Sows audit and slaughter practice

Estimation of embryonic losses in sows

For a technologist

Improved feed conversion and growth performance of weaning piglets

The usefulness of phytase in feeding pigs

Soy in pigs diet

For a veterinary

African swine fever in Ukraine: pathogenicity and behavioral algorithm

The benefit of vaccination against Circovirus 2 and ileitis


Ventilation systems: causes of problems and solutions

Control of microclimate and production at a pig farm

Unexpected facts


Where is the justice?

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