5 (53) | October, 2019

Table of contents

Industry events

The Battle of Agrotitans: VII Field Exhibition-Demonstration of Machinery

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Studying the experience of pig products labelling

Ukrainian-Serbian Partnership

Markets overview

Ukrainian pig production by numbers: two thirds of the year behind

O. Tartakovskiy Ukraine is an important player in the world agricultural market: is that truth or illusion?


Rantier, LLC: bound to be successful

Pork producers ask, experts answer

Question on control of illegal pork producers' activity

Question on obligation of pigs' tagging

Expert's point of view

How to form a vaccination program of a herd?

For an owner

On-farm ASF cycle: from suspicion to renewal of production

For a technologist

Fiber in sows' diets

. Flohr Less crude protein for cheaper diet

Protein is the basis of weaners feeding

For a veterinary

O. Romanov Infectious causes of reproductive disorders of sows

Atlas of Diseases: pigs' pneumonia

Practical advice

Abidance by hygiene requirements to pigfarms. Pest Control Procedure Instruction


. Rasmussen Possibilities of on-line management of pig farm: topical questions


How to arrange an 'ideal' farrowing unit?

10 facts

Group vs. individual sows housing


A friend indeed...

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