4 (16) | August, 2013

Table of contents


News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

USA will finace the main projects of APPU

Markets overview

A.Loza The condition and prospects of pork market in Ukraine and in the world


Sigma: evolution to the perfection

Legal advice

A. Peniazkova, N.Sysoyev Tarrification of veterinary services or what lies at the bottom of it all?

Management . conomics

Simon Grey Reducing Cost of Production

Dr. Dirk Hesse Good advice is beyond price

U.Zhao How do the chelated micro-elements influence sows retention?

G. Jones The usage of phytase in the diets of highly productive sows

Technologies Feeding

V.Yaroshenko. Do you want quality feeds? Do you know how to achieve it?

Efficient pork production: the cost of one kilo of feeds per one kilo of weight gain VS the cost of one kilo of feeds

Technologies Animal health

A.Ktytarov, S. Kukushkin, I.Ovchenkov, E.Glazyev Meloxicam or ketoprofen

Toothed and tailed danger

M. Monl Probiotic and prebiotic

Technologies Reproduction

A.Baban, V. Harkavenko Ultrasonic diagnostic in andrology

V. Pylypets-Romaniuk The evaluation of semen quality

Leadership strategies

Breeding station of pig production, Ltd. is the Ukrainian nucleus farm in a German way

Laughing at the farm


T. Shtanovskyi Choosing modern systems of slatted floor for sow unit


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