4 (34) | August, 2016

Table of contents

Current events

ASF statistics in Ukraine

Industry events

Trade mission to Africa: When one door is closing, the others are opening

The biggest specialized event in Eastern Europe

Meat working group: work is in full swing

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

APPU summer meeting: quality rest

Halychyna-Zahid, LLC turns 10 years

Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine: first anniversary

Markets overview

What about pork market?

V. Lysenko Open China

Market of feed raw stuff

Hot topic

R. Hoste What does the Ukrainian pig production need to be competitive on the global market?


Koteleve, JLLC: production oriented on the self-sufficiency

Management . conomics

Genomics development: the importance for pig breeding

Helpful advice

Rules of successful introduction of breeding boars to the phantom and semen collection

Feeds . Feeding

A. Heseker The influence of feeding and management characteristics on the pork production costs

Full milk replacer as an extra nutrition for piglets

K. Hanger, V. Lohov The solution of antibiotic resistance problem in pig production

Postnatal immunity trasfer from a sow to piglets

Health status

African swine fever in 2016: the South is at risk

Main intestinal nematodosis of pigs

J. Carr Collection and analysis of samples for detection frequent pigs' diseases


M. Povod, V. Dudun Methods of manure treatment and processing spread in Ukraine


Reproduction management: sows and gilts

Signals of pigs

What do you need to know about pigs sight?


O. Baker Pit ventilation on the pig farm: pros and cons

Business trip

Merrie England dear old Blighty

Unexpected facts


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