5 (17) | October, 2013

Table of contents


News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Ukrainian farmers will use the subsoil water without any special licenses

Markets overview

Pig production of 2020


Andriy Getia: It is necessary that business, state and science work together

Legal advice

M. Sysoiev., A. Grudinin The investments into the pig farms in Ukraine: problems and ways of solution

Do the pig producers need the fixed agricultural tax?

Management . conomics

J. Gadd Why do we need the new economic terminology?

M. Yaroshko SPF status: an advantage or an expensive whim?

Technologies Feeding

P. Smid, L. Dubiniak Sorgo in swine diets: its not all that simple

V. Yaroshenko What to do with the main feed raw materials this autumn

M. Veber Financial attraction of rye in pig feeding

Ye-E. Zerran Impact of feeding in lactation period on further sow productivity

L. Ugonen, V. Mykhailov High-quality sow feeding high piglets livability

Technologies Animal health

D. Padoan, V. Lohov Mycotoxins and endotoxins under control

J. Carr On-farm medicine storage: error correction

Toothed and tailed danger: say no to rodents

V. Evert, M. Mombarg Systemic infections, associated with PCV2: clinical signs, pathological changes and laboratory diagnosis

Technologies Reproduction

O. Baban, V. Garkavenko, V.Garkavyi Deep uterine insemination of sows


V. Kuznietsov Red Californian worm biohumus producer

Leadership strategies

Pig production in China: we even couldnt imagine that!

Laughing at the farm


M. Nemesh Plastic floor in the growing unit. How to choose and what to pay attention for

Unexpected facts


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