3 (09) | June, 2012

Table of contents


News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Markets overview


Volodymyr Hetman: The enterprise will be successful if each employee treats job as his own business

Management . conomics

Ethanol boom

Raiders in the stalls

Technologies Feeding

The point of view on gradual feeding of sows

Veterinary certificate

Differential diagnostics of piglets with respiratory symptom complex

Technologies Animal health

Management of the farms biosecurity

V. Pylypets-Romanyuk The usage of GGP- GP-, PS- and FP terms according to different schemes of crossbreeding

Probiotics for everybody!

Technologies Reproduction

Prospects of cryogenically preserved semen

Mysterious life of boars semen

Leadership strategies

Which carcass is better? (Ultrasonic diagnosis technologies on meat processing plants in the USA )

Pig production chronicle

N.Pakhaichuk A sow in coral beads

Laughing at the farm


Grinder possesses a value

M.Yaroshko Drinkers for adults


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