3 (39) | June, 2017

Table of contents

Current events

To wind up or not to touch? How does business change the rules of the fight against ASF

Environment-oriented standards for pig farms

"No" to asset-grabbing : about the corporate security service, available to members of the Association of Pig Produsers of Ukraine

State regulation of prices has been canceled

Bumper June: 5 new members of the APPU

Industry events

X International Zoetis Pig Congress: an integrated approach to the problem of pig farming

10th anniversary of BIOMIN Ukraine

International holiday of domestic pork producers

The rewards have found their heroes

Agro-2017: the largest international agroindustrial exhibition in Ukraine

Markets overview

Ukrainian pig business: "freeze" or develop?


Leader, LLC: an example of effective resource management

Leadership strategies

Danosha, LLC: making new standards

The competitor

Biomin in Ukraine: 10th anniversary of sustainable development

For an owner

How effective is your business: benchmarking results of Ukrainian pig farms

"Price swings" and other shades of cooperation of pig produsers and slaughter companies

For a manager

Management practices to improve feed conversion

For a technologist

Improving piglet digestion - improving production efficiency

How the decline of raw protein in the diet will save you money?

For a veterinary

Swine influenza - what's the danger?

Maximum protection of the reproductive herd against erysipelas, parvovirosis and leptospirosis


Natural ventilation of production units

Methods of heating production units

For a gourmand

From the snout to the tail: everything is edible

Unexpected facts


Wit works woe

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