Danosha, LLC: perfectionist of native pig farming

28.04.2017 14:03:00

Remain firm during the uneasy changeable agricultural life of Ukraine is very difficult, but possible. Especially, if to be open, honest, always improving and stubborn in going to your goal. The example of company that uses these principles is Danosha, LLC, which is located in Ivano-Frankivsk region. About responsible agricultural production in combination with the latest technologies and plans for the future we interviewed the manager of pig production Kim Holmgaard.

Ukraine, LLC: If choose than the best. If you do, do it qualitatively!

20.02.2017 09:50:00

«Small and successful» — you can safely say it about a small pig farm Ukraine, LLC, that is located in the Chernigov region. After all, every step in the way of business development is considered, only the best equipment is chosen for production, genetics and feed, tested by experience and time. Simple truths, how the enterprise manages to function effectively and improve constantly, shared the company director Alexander Kushnirenko and the director of animal husbandry Alexander Tyshenkov.

Halychyna-Zakhid Ltd.: 10 Years Investments in Ukrainian Pig Breeding

25.10.2016 16:48:10

Ltd. «Halychyna-Zakhid» is one of the ten most powerful enterprises in Ukraine and one of four pig farms provided by Danish investments. In the ten years that have passed It achieved outstanding results which proove that pork production may be of high-intensity. The main thing is responsibility and continuous improvement of technology.

Yohansen Morten Kholm, General Director of the enterprise and Andrii Talama, his Deputy told us how to implement this approach in practice.

Barkom, LLC: the success of vertical integration in Ukraine

02.02.2016 16:06:00

At crisis many people complain that do and develop business is difficult. They say not now... But if there is a goal it is possible to reach it despite the circumstances. Such sense of purpose is worthwhile learning from executive staff of Barkom, LLC. They managed to turn small kiosks into powerful vertically-integrated enterprise. Oleg Baran, the founder member of the company told about the way through hardships.

If we haven't found someting new, we'd have folded up our business long ago

30.12.2015 17:10:00

Every household has its own individuality that distinguishes it among others. Novyi riven 2006, FE confirmed it once more. All about household’s peculiarities told Maryna Golubka, its head.

Dmytro Dubovykov: In conditions of high business struggle survive the most effective ones

02.12.2014 14:58:00

Year 2014 became the challenge for Ukraine that redounded upon the native pig breeding. In such conditions only the most effective can be sure of tomorrow. How not only to stay afloat but also to continue developing business in a challenging time told the executive director of Rantie, LLC Dmytro Dubovykov.

Remco Schrijver: If there is transparency, there will be efficiency

01.10.2014 13:23:00

This time we communicate with international expert, who came to Ukraine upon the request of Association of Pig producers of Ukraine with support of Project USAID Agroinvest, to answer the questions, actual for the branch, to share the world experience and to show the ways out of main problems. So we took the opportunity to ask Mr. Schrijver, what of he was surprised in Ukrainian pig breeding.

Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny: one step ahead

20.08.2014 08:34:00

If you do still believe that in Ukraine there are no pig farms that can compete with the best world ones, then you do not know about Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny, JV LLC. Enterprise has already built seven closed-cycle complexes, with the capacity of 30 thousand head per year each. Only 11 employees operate on each complex, but the Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny’s production figures are at the level with world leaders of pig production. But according to livestock executive manager Vitaliy Shakel: the main objective of the company — not to chase the rates but become more efficient. Then business under any conditions will be profitable and bring profits.

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