Halychyna-Zakhid Ltd.: 10 Years Investments in Ukrainian Pig Breeding

25.10.2016 16:48:10

Ltd. «Halychyna-Zakhid» is one of the ten most powerful enterprises in Ukraine and one of four pig farms provided by Danish investments. In the ten years that have passed It achieved outstanding results which proove that pork production may be of high-intensity. The main thing is responsibility and continuous improvement of technology.

Yohansen Morten Kholm, General Director of the enterprise and Andrii Talama, his Deputy told us how to implement this approach in practice.

  • What encouraged Danish investors to develop the pig breeding in Ukraine?

  • Despite the decline of the industry we got interested in Ukraine as in an open market which was opened for profitable investments. Because of relatively cheap feed, availability of premises for industrial farms and highly skilled workers Ukraine is a powerful resource base for the production of pork and it is another sound argument in its favor.

  • What are technological solutions which reducing harmful emissions?

  • Currently we use Danish manure acidification technology, having received permission from the patent holder.

  • Do you feel competition in the market?

  •  Of course, we feel pressure from various market players(producers and processors), since they determine the price of pork and, consequently, profit. On the other hand, it is an incentive to work even more effectively.

  1. What were the risks investors took into account opening business in Ukraine?
  2. What were the 10 years of enterprise activity? Have the expectations come to fruition?
  3. Was your business strategy influenced by military-political and socio-economic upheavals in Ukraine?
  4. Did ASF and PED affect the activities of the company and the industry in general?
  5. How do you build up your cooperation with investors?
  6. What are other technological solutions used for managementing the farm?

Look for the answers to these and other questions at the full version of the interview in the magazine «Profitable pig production» № 35 (№ 5, October 2016)

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