4 (28) | August, 2015

Table of contents

Industry events



First virtual Pig day

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Meat project: opening of new opportunities of Ukrainian animal farming

Simulation exercises: how to react in case of ASF

Players of meat sector joined hands

Markets overview

Pork production and processing: what do we have inside 7 moonths?

Global pork market: what is expected in the second half of the year?

Brothers in misfortune

Crop market review

ASF and crops: there is more smoke than fire


African swine fever in Ukraine

Legal advice

Changes concerning the VAT administration system for agrarians

Management . conomics

10 rules of 90% farrowing

A. Morillo What terminal boar is better: Pietrain or Duroc

Helpful advice

V. Pylypets-Romaniuk How to reach the insemination effectiveness of 90%?

Feeds . Feeding

V. Lymar Ways of diets cheapening

Y. Dell Feeding strategy of hyperproductive sows

How to choose the best phytase?

Feeding habits of sows in period from weaning to insemination

Health status

V. Piotrovych Reproductively singnificant pathogenes of modern pig breeding: parvovirosis, leptospirosis and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome

Porcine epidemic diarrhea: expert opinion

The African swine fever history: how? where? when?

African swine fever: reference

Guidelines for biosecurity intensification under conditions of ASF

Y. Sobko African swine fever: several importanrt emphases


S. Bobyk Organics revival: pig manure

Leadership strategies

American look on Ukrainian pig breeding


Heating system in pig complexes is a key factor of an optimal microclimate

Unexpected facts


All problems are from ourselves

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