3 (15) | June, 2013

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Meeting at International congress Profitable Pig Production is a good time- proved tradition.

High-quality, tasty, Ukrainian, with love!

The leader of the branch 2013

A seminar Modern Pig Production efficient management: your profits are in in your hands!

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Delegation of Estonian pig producers in Ukraine

Markets overview


Yurii Zhyhariev grokombinat Slobozhanskyi, PJSC the one, that have risen from the ashes

Legal advice

Chemezov M. Legal aspects of buying an agricultural business in Ukraine in 2013

Shestakov V., Kripak V. Underground waters cant be forbidden to use

Management . conomics

State support of pig producers in EU: dispelling myths!

Dr. Dirk Hesse Good advice is always undated. Episode 2: maximizing productivity of sows, peculiarities of insemination and group housing of gestating sows

Dr. John Carr Optimizing pig flow

Simon Grey. Control points of the farm efficiency

Technologies Feeding

Proteins for piglets

Horne T., Partridge G. The application of natural betaine in pig diets

Technologies Animal health

Main thing about antibiotics

A war with flies

Antoniv I. Porcine proliferative enteropathy shouldnt be understamated

Technologies Reproduction

Baban O., Harkavenko V. Ultrasound investigation in pig production.

Laughing at the farm


Comparison of efficiency of different cooling systems


Milk and Farm magazine