2 (80) | April, 2024

Table of contents

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

AUPB and USDA project "Animal Health in Ukraine": results of the first quarter

Chebeni Plus LLC is a new member of the ASU

AUPB learnt about pig farming experience in Sweden and Germany

Markets overview

Geopolitics and grain: Ukrainian exports in an unstable environment


TOV NVP Hlobynsʹkyy svynokompleks: meticulousness in routine tasks is a guarantee of results

Leadership strategies

Breeders of Denmark A/S: innovation and flexibility are the key to competitiveness

For a technologist

Features of pig production in Sweden

Precision pig production is the inevitable future

Dobriansky S. Effective fattening of pigs: 2. Fat in the carcass of pigs

How to replace zinc oxide?

For a veterinary

Reproductive disorders in sows of infectious etiology

Masyuk D., Neverkovets N., Kokarev A. Results of monitoring of enteric pathogens and their resistance in pigs: suckling piglets


The importance of an objective assessment of the sow's condition

Practical pig farming with Andrii and Ilona Grabenko

Grabenko I., Grabenko A. Timing in pig production - a tool for finding answers to important questions

A healthy farm

Yesina E. Management and health of pigs in the farrowing unit

Feed biosafety

Feed mill biosafety plan: a systematic approach to preventing pathogens from entering feed

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