5 (29) | October, 2015

Table of contents

Industry events



Field day: Enginery for upgrading and utilization of reserves

Clash of the Titans2015: the choice of equipment, checked by the field

Feed market

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Simulation exercises: be ready in case of AFS

First steps of working group on meat

Markets overview

From balance to disbalance one step

What expect from ASF?

Price Russian mountains on live pigs market

Hot topic

Buffering: is it possible?


Vadym Kotovych: The rule "The bigger the system, the steadeier it is" works in Ukraine in spot

Management . conomics

ASF eradication: positive international experience

The skills set of pig farm operators and managers

Helpful advice

What one should know about suckling period

Feeds . Feeding

Pigs phase feeding during growing and fattening

Fiber in pigs diets

V. Yaroshenko Several thoughts about heat treatment of feed to fight against African swine fever

A. van Lankveld How to avoid the decline after weaning?

Can the protease to improve pig performance and reduce the cost of feeding?

Probiotics: their place and value in prevention system of pigs' diseases

Health status

V. Evert Pigs necrosis

Action plan at ASF suspicion and confirmatio

Differential and laboratory diagnostics of ASF

Technologies Reproduction

Eliminations from sows genitals


Composting of pig carcasses

Signals of pigs

What do the behavioural stereotype show?


Alarm and emergency opening systers are the part and parcel of livestock house ventilation


The manager and the mistake

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