6 (18) | December, 2013

Table of contents


News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Markets overview



Hot topic

Results of 2013 and prospects of 2014

Loza . 2013 and 201: what there was and what there will be


Vladislav Leshchenko: "Business will be profitable if there are efforts and understanding of the technology"

Legal advice

Orlov M Agribusiness financing

Management . conomics

Maas P.-J. Genetic types of pigs: Feeding gestating sows

Gadd J. What's wrong with the existing terminology?

Group housing of sows: practical aspects

Feeds . Feeding

Van Lankveld A. Secrets of efficient feed conversion

Feed conversion of 2:1 by 2015? Its real!

Feeding sows in group housing systems

Moisei O., Otchenashko V. Organic acids in the pork production

Health status

Stomach ulcer is a serious loss

Terreni M. Persico, F., Maas P., Martelli P. Clinical efficacy Ingelvac CircoFLEX in growing pigs to nine months

Ivashchenko O., Beh O. Is sudden death syndrome because of Clostridium novyi real threat or just a myth?


O. Baban Principles of stimulation of the estrous cycle

Leadership strategies

Plemzavod Stepnoy LLC: 30 years in the breeding business

The competitor

Fenix Agro: Every customer is VIP for us


Zubco O. Light-gage constructions the right choice for building of pig complexs quickly

Unexpected facts


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