№ 1 (79) | February, 2024

Table of contents

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Congratulations to the new members of the Association "Swine Farmers of Ukraine"!

USDA and AUPB implement the second stage of the project "Ensuring animal health in Ukraine"

AUPB: welfare and consistency - the future of livestock production

The members of the AUPB shared the best practices of manure utilization

Synergy of science and production

AUPB - the "voice" of the Ukrainian pig industry

Markets overview

Pork market of Ukraine: overview of dynamics


Pig farming of Ukraine in 2024: expectations of market players

For a manager

Key performance indicators of a pig farm

For a technologist

Dobriansky S. Effective fattening of pigs: 1. Factors influencing the quality of meat in pig carcasses

Transforming animal feeding with an eye to the environment

For a veterinary

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of lameness in sows


Reducing temperature stratification

Lamps and heating mats: impact on energy production and use

Practical pig farming with Andrii and Ilona Grabenko

Multifunctionality of a specialist as an advantage

A healthy farm

Yesina E. Management and health of fattening pigs

Feed biosafety

Feed biosafety in pig production

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