6 (30) | December, 2015

Table of contents

Industry events



VI International exhibition Animal Farming Ukraine 2015

American cutting out or the experience of pork production and processing in the USA

European experience of profitable pig production in present Ukrainian conditions

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Regional veterinary seminar from APBU: topical and informative

Association of Pig Breeders has got a new member

Animal welfare is today's demand

Operators of meat branch and reprentatives of government entities discussed hot topics

Press-conference Challenges of meat sector and initiatives of their crossing: results and forecasts

Markets overview

So, what do we have with a price?

The rating of the biggest pork producers

World pork market

Raw material market

Hot topic

African swine fever in Ukraine in 2014-2015: situation, dangers and challenges

Per aspera ad astra or how will develop Ukrainian pig breeding in 2016?


Maryna Golubka: If we haven't found someting new, we'd have folded up our business long ago

Legal advice

Support of animal farming at State budget cost

The procedure of credits easing by usage of State resources is authorised

M. Sokolov About the situation in the field of tax reform

Management . conomics

The light on farm

The decrease of difference in pigs' weight at realization for slaughter

Helpful advice

J. Carr How to protect oneself from ASF?: truck desinfection

Feeds . Feeding

Corn in pigs' diet

Efficient usage of different trace minerals sources

Feed balancing: easy about complicated

Health status

You suspected problem: what to start with

Mateo del Pozo African swine fever: questions and answers

O. Sheptuha Complicated cases of diagnostics: practical pieces of advice

Acute phase protein development in pre-weaning piglets after immunisation by two commercial vaccines against PCV2

Dangerous temptation: shadow market of drugs!


The compost ground building

Signals of pigs

Pigs' apathy


K. Rasmussen Management system of farm business

Business trip

Double strike: study visit to Denmark and USA

Unexpected facts


New Year wishes

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