№ 2 (62) | April, 2021

Table of contents

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

54% of the industrial breeding stock is at the AUPB enterprises!

The largest study of the use of antibiotics in animal breeding has been completed

Markets overview

"Magic" 12% or the pork market of Ukraine in the first quarter of 2021

Quarterly results of foreign trade


Simada, LLC: there can be no half measures in production!

Leadership strategies

Onistrata Farm: "Healthy eating - when you know what you're eating"

TDM Farms: the best technological solutions for pig breeding

For an owner

TOP-55 industrial pig farms

Genetic structure of industrial pig breeding

Bogdanova O. VAT "on the shelves"

For a manager

John Patience. Strategies to reduce feed costs

7 tips to increase the efficiency of fattening pigs

For a technologist

John Patience. Key solutions to achieve the best production results at the stage of growing/ fattening pigs

Betaine is an underestimated feed additive

Selection of pigs with maximum reproductive potential

Significance and control of mineral nutrition in pigs

For a veterinary

The use of antimicrobials in US pig farming

Victor Evert. PRRS: a global experience of eradication

PRRS is a disease control strategy based on vaccination of the entire herd

Practical advice

Practitioners recommend: basics of feeding pigs

Reducing the cost of feeding sows: secrets and risks


Floor plates for cooling sows

Pig feeding systems: advantages and disadvantages

Low pressure ventilation system with the effect of tunnel ventilation


Think and do it

On the rights of advertising

Immunostimulant "Stimulus": expediency and practice of application in pig breeding

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