4 (10) | August, 2012

Table of contents


News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

The new president was elected at the general meeting of APPU

Markets overview


Aleksandr Myrnyy: The money should be invested in people, not in the project

Management . conomics

Ten ways to save breeding heard

Commercial classification of carcasses in Ukraine - bad shot

V. Smolyar, S.Shulha Modern pig farm of the family type

Technologies Feeding

B. Close, Y. Dvorska How do the organic minerals help to wean 35 piglets from the sow every year?

Granulated or bulk?

. Ross, V. Lokhov Innovation from Biomin Ukraine liquid acidifier

Veterinary certificate

Respiratory diseases of piglets

Technologies Animal health

V. Piotrovych Infectious Atrophic Rhinitis in Pigs

Eggs immunoglobulins fight for piglets immunity

The role of betaine in piglets diets

V.Evert, S. Nedogybchenko It is out-of-date to castrate boars

Leadership strategies

Modern meat processing industry of the USA the key word is security

Time for an effective manager

Attention! Demotivation!

Pig production chronicle

N. Pakhaichuk The history of Ukrainian bacon

A fairy tale for an affective manager

As if by magic


Pumps and mixers for manure. Viewing of the equipment

M.Yaroshko Effective cooling of the pig farms

Unexpected facts


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