№ 2 (50) | April, 2019

Table of contents

Industry events

50th anniversary issue of the magazine "Profitable pig production"

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

The AUPB will work with FAO to improve the safety of pork in Ukraine

Canadian Approach to Tribal Affairs and Commercial Production of Pork: Field Training

Markets overview

Pig production in numbers

For an owner

Powerful and successful: who and how "plays" on the pig barracks of Ukraine


Pig breeders ask - experts answer: leasing in pig breeding

For a manager

Management practices to reduce the incidence of suckling pigs

For a technologist

Feeding and management strategies of piglets at the stage of growing

Comparison of the availability of zinc from various sources

Ensuring homogeneity of the herd on fattening

Hybrid rye - natural growth stimulator for pigs?

Practical experience of "Agrocomplex Biolend", LLC: orientation to own fodder production

For a veterinary

Vaccination against ileitis: An alternative to antibiotics and an effective method of disease control

Pig flu: Causes And Prevention

Practical advice

Lighting in production premises


Methods of cooling the production premises

Methods of air filtration in industrial premises

10 facts

Pig Breeding "Raisins"


What is the main thing in life?

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