5 (23) | October, 2014

Table of contents

Industry events



Research: Enzootic situation with ASF

International agroinvestment forum

Anniversary Animal farming inspired by european attitude

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Veterinary seminars in Kyiv and Ternopil regions

Reorganisation of breeding work

Pig feeding new focus of seminars from APPU

General meeting of APPU: interesting and informative

Ukrainian pigbreeding in terms of legislative and economic factors of development

Pig livestock import: 10 steps

Is it possible not to vaccinate from classical swine fever?

Meeting with State veterynary and phytosanitary service

Danosha, LLC is a new member of Association of Pig Producers of Ukraine

Sunflower: is everything that scary?

Markets overview

Pork market

Pork processing: results of three quarters

World pork market

Potential export channels: Georgia

Crop market: autumn results

Hot topic

What state help waits for native agrarian?


Remco Schrijver: If there is transparency, there will be efficiency

Legal advice

M. Chemezov Instruction on water use

Management . conomics

V. Pylypets-Romaniuk New trend in progressive pigbreeding replacement junior guilts

V. Evert Typical mistakes: reproduction

Key reasons of piglets mortality

Feeds . Feeding

Good feed consumption high milk-yield

Y. Bunge Aflotoxins: facts and control methods

A.Bordoune Better result with copper helates

K. Hanger Herbal medicinal products instead of antibiotics?

Health status

Classical swine fever the enemy with experience

P. Rashka Dominant activators of diarrhea of viral etymology

J. Carr Sw health control

Y. Dvorska Mycotoxins and pigs productivity

Technologies Reproduction

O. Baban, V. Garkavenko Farrowing pathologies


G. Sheremet What should be pens for sows?

Unexpected facts


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