6 (24) | December, 2014

Table of contents

Industry events



VI International Congress Agrarian Olimpus: year's review and growth strategy for the next one

Dutch know-how for Ukrainian pig breeding

Joint efforts at struggle with ASF

Animal welfare is in the focus of attention now

German experience for Ukrainian pig breeding

Research: The novelties of International exhibition EuroTier 2014

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

How to earn more?

APPU came into the development of Veterinary and sanitary requirements for households that grow pigs

Press-conference of APPU: what was 2014 for pig farming?

As you work, as you have: APPU summed up the 2014

Markets overview

Pork production and processing: how did the year end?

World pork market

Moldova the main export market in 2014

Raw material market: the result of 2014

Winnings of 2014

Hot topic

Achievements of 2014 and plans for year 2015


Dmytro Dubovykov: In conditions of high business struggle survive the most effective ones

Legal advice

M. Chemezov Identification and registration of pigs

Management . conomics

V. Evert Typical mistakes: finishers

Biosecurity: main ways of pathogens transfering

European future of Ukrainian pig farming

Feeds . Feeding

A. Heseker Modern aspects of management and feeding sows

For pigs to eat more

V. Nadkrenychnyi, O. Gorkun Diet calculaton: farrowing sow

Health status

Aujeszky's desease: stay alert!

V. Garkavenko For liver to be in good health

J. Carr Backward feeding: to be or not to be?

Estamation of lameness in sows


S. Sitnikov How much does the manure cost?


O. Baban Causes of sows sterility

The competitor

I-TEK Ukraine: individual attention and confidence

Business trip

O. Yurchenko Why do Europeans live better?


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