4 (46) | August, 2018

Table of contents

Industry events

II Anti-raiding forum: on guard for agrarian business

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Committee of VRU on agrarian policy: time for discussion of priority tasks

Studying USA experience: in focus biosecurity

Markets overview

Pig breeding in Ukraine: expectation vs. reality

Global pork market: Change is all around us

Grain and oil market: change of expectation


Lanagroprod: work in fattening segment is profitable

For an owner

Global pork market: new trends

Will the mechanisms of protection of the internal market of pork in Ukraine work?

Jim Long: The future of pig breeding improved genetics!

For a manager

Stakeholders conception in strategy of feed supply: role of investors and owners

Improving of management of breeding herd

Production of feed at own feed mill: practical experience

For a technologist

Synergy and effectiveness of multicomponent feed additives for piglets during growing

Strategies for feeding gilts and sows: a Danish experience

Practical experience in the use of rye in feeding pigs on the example of Agroprodservice

Micro-elements to support the long reproductive life of sows

For a veterinary

Mastitis-metritis-agalactia syndrome: measures for the prevention and treatment of reproductive problems in sows

Glesser disease in pigs


Implementing a pig farm maintenance program is the responsibility of the manufacturer

Climate and feed control with sensors

Business trip

Germany and Holland: the focus is legislation


Measure of conscience

Milk and Farm magazine