№ 6 (66) | December, 2021

Table of contents

Industry events

Practical trainings from the best veterinarians and nutritionists

Successful experience of raising pigs in China, Brazil and Canada

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

The first delivery of purebred pigs by plane to farms participating in the AUPB

The scale of the Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders continues to grow

Markets overview

How was the Ukrainian pork market in 2021?


LLC "Ahrofirma im. Shevchenka": the components of business success are personnel, responsibility and understanding of the development of the structure

Legal advice

The main innovations of the draft Law of Ukraine No. 5600

Leadership strategies

"BARKOM" LLC: "in step" with artificial intelligence technologies

For an owner

Conducting 2021... pork market operators share results and plans

For a manager

John Patience. Keys to success in pig feeding from weaning to slaughter

S. Dobryanskyi. Effective feeding of pigs - practical recommendations

For a technologist

Laura Greiner. Feeding of sows during the lactation period

Probiotics are the way to success

Case composting: basic principles

For a veterinary

Actual aspects of diagnosis of colibacteriosis in piglets

Atlas of diseases: Mastitis-metritis-agalactia (MMA)

Comparison of the effectiveness of vaccines against Cyrcovirus of pigs-2 in conditions of experimental infection with Cyrcovirus of pigs-2d strain

Farm disinfection is an important element of biosecurity


Pig farm heating: tips for efficient heating

Optimizing productivity and energy use with the basics of ventilation


The parable of the full jar

On the rights of advertising

The action of the acidifier and its components on the animal body

Practical pig farming with Andrii and Ilona Grabenko

Reproduction as one of the component mechanisms for profitable pig farming: stages of insemination

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