1 (19) | February, 2014

Table of contents


News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

The Working Groups of the AUPP at the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine reported on the executed work and discussed plans for the nearest future

AUPP at the exhibition AgroFarm-2014

AUPP at the exhibition Agro Animal Show 2014

Kravchenko O. Classification of pig carcasses: the French experience

Markets overview

Pork market

World review of pork market

Feed market: prospects for spring

Hot topic

Heavy pork


Galina Dubovik: Zolotoniskyi becon Llc: only those who go will make the way

Legal advice

Chemezov M. How to place a pig farm in modern economic and sanitary conditions

Management . conomics

Evert V. Relevance of professional pig consulting in Ukraine

Gadd J. New terminology in pig production

Practical advice on biosecurity

Sow management: aspects to pay attention at

Yaroshenko V. Methodology of calculating the bulk

Feeds . Feeding

Peculiarities of feeding pregnant sows: practical advice

Heseker A. Controlled post-weaning

Creep feeding: when, why and how?

Health status

Streptococcal infections in swine

Kucheriavenko O., Evert V. Leptospirosis economic and social threat

Technologies Reproduction

Baban O. Pathologies of mammary gland in sows

Leadership strategies

Agropraim Holding Llc: breeding farm is a strategic facility

The competitor

DK VET: There is nothing more important than the quality of service and honesty of the partner


Murachov R. Choosing tube feeder

Unexpected facts


Milk and Farm magazine