6 (48) | December, 2018

Table of contents

Industry events

"Agrarian Olympus-2018": the solemn end of the year

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

The implementation of the second phase of the project "Awareness raising on ASF in Ukraine" was completed.

The association is working on the development of the concept of group insurance from the ASF

In the Agroindustrial Complex Nastashka, LLC, an experiment on piglet testing is underway

Manure is still a byproduct or a waste of time?

Markets overview

Results of the year about ASF: the situation in Ukraine and in the world

Preliminary results of the year

For an owner

ASF in Ukraine: real scenarios of distribution

Discussion in the circle of experts: life with AFS

Insurance of pigs by ASF

Implementation of compartments in Ukraine

Agrarian statements: new opportunities for pork producers

For a manager

World experience: the most important thing about ASF

Feeds and feed ingredients as risk factors for ASF infection

Biosafety: mistakes and best practices of domestic farms

For a technologist

Application of natural betaine in pigs diets

That artificial insemination to be successful

For a veterinary

Laboratory diagnostics of ASF

The right disinfectant is a guarantee of a reliable biosecurity

Clinical manifestations of mycotoxicosis


Alarm systems of livestock buildings

Business trip

How in the United States build biosecurity ...


Parable about relatives

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