№ 6 (60) | December, 2020

Table of contents

Industry events

Veterinary symposium: professional communication at a distance

Markets overview

2020 is behind, what is ahead?

What should pig farmers prepare for in the year of the bull?

The situation in the global and domestic meal market


"Don't panic" or what pig farmers expect from 2021

Expert's point of view

Should the cost of production be reduced by reducing the cost of the veterinary component?

Leadership strategies

VITAGRO: a rate to reduce the cost of feed

For an owner

Everything is known in comparison or about the benchmarking of pig farms in 2019

For a manager

The main points of control over the implementation of the feeding strategy

Crisis period: strategies to reduce the average daily gain of fattening pigs

Sperm market in Ukraine: quality and safety need guarantees

For a technologist

The content of the boar-producer: 8 topical questions to the expert

Borisenko O. Phytate and non-starch polysaccharides as anti-nutritional factors in the diet of pigs: solutions

For a veterinary

Sheptukha O. Ensuring full control of PRRS in the economy: practical experience

Management of antibiotic resistance of microorganisms on the farm

Piotrovych V. Strategy of prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in pigs of different age groups


Salata I. Deep manure baths: the American experience

Ensuring an effective microclimate system: a comprehensive approach


How to solve unsolved problems?

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