2 (38) | April, 2017

Table of contents

Current events

Subsidies: feeling joy or sad?

Good song, is ours, let's sing it for hours new project of Instructions for ASF

Industry events

Conference of successful pig producers "five stages of farm management"

Agri Invest Forum 2017: frank conversation about urgent problems

Markets overview

Pig production in the world

How did the beginning of 2017 gladden the pig farmers?

Current prospects of the oily market


Danosha, LLC is the perfectionist of the pig farming

Signals of pigs

Cannibalism of pigs

For an owner

Investments in biosecurity is not a luxury but a necessity

Land market at a crossroads

For a manager

10 components of successful farrowing

For a technologist

The use of probiotics for the best production performance of finishers

The effect of gastric acidity on piglets' health

Quality control of sow milk

How does the feeding of pigs affect the development of cannibalism?

For a veterinary

Piglet diarrhea: explanation of the underlying causes

Biosecurity and control of RRSS


Effect of an additional waterer on growth performance of weaned pigs

Air cooling systems in the production rooms

For a gourmand

About lard and not only ...

Business trip

USA again: management of manure and feeding pigs


The Parable of Voluntary Slavery

Milk and Farm magazine