Sorgo in swine diets: it’s not all that simple

Peter Smid, chairman of technical department of Trouw Nutrition Hifeed (Netherlands)

Lubomyr Dubiniak, technical assistant of animal feeding Trouw NutritionUkr, LLC

Sorgo is a relatively new ingredient in pigs’ diets. It’s best characterized by the word ‘ambiguous’. Why is it so? Read in the article.

What to do with the main feed raw materials this autumn

Volodymyr Yaroshenko, independent consultant of compound feed industry, professor of Uman national University of Horticulture

Nowadays the situation with crop storage is ambiguous: for example, for early crops it is very favourable while for corn and sunflower it is disastrous. How it influences the feed production, what dangers to wait for and how to avoid them —the article will give you the answers.

Rye in the pig’s diet: Do not be afraid to break stereotypes!

Despite the many advantages of rye with comparison to other forage crops, it’s often considered as a «stepson». The attention of farmers is concentrated most on wheat and corn. They are skeptical about the use of rye in animal diets and accept it only with the reason to reduce the cost of production. But the results of the last trials show that rye is a valuable feed ingredient, which is equal to grain leaders and can easily be their alternative.

Sow nutrition: Avoiding second parity slump

The results of two recent studies on the effect of sow lactation weight loss on reproductive performance.

About 50 percent of all sows have a lower litter size in their second parity, compared with their first parity – and recent studies indicated that second parity litter size and litter size could be related to subsequent litter sizes and farrowing rates.

However, by altering management and sow nutrition pig producers may be able to reverse this trend and improve second – and subsequent – parity reproductive performance.

Nice to meet you. Ractopamine

Each pig producer wants his pigs to change fat into muscle tissue after depleting its genetic potential. It looks like a dream. But it is not. We have ractopamine which can change all make all these dreams come true. But everything is not so simple, as it’s not clear yet if it is good or bad.

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