4 (64) | August, 2021

Table of contents

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

10th anniversary of the Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders: a significant date - serious challenges

Reduced VAT rate for the entire pork production chain - a new round of negotiations

LLC SPE "NVP Globynskyy svynokompleks" and LLC "Agrosytnytsia" - new members of AUPB

Markets overview

Industrial pig farming: is development slowing down?

Ukraine: positive dynamics of foreign trade


Podilsky Bacon LLC: In order to keep the business in this difficult time, it is necessary to change approaches

Pork producers ask, experts answer

What to do when villagers complain about the "stench" of the farm?

Does Ukrainian legislation regulate the period of keeping and application of manure?

Is it legal for the tax service to pay an environmental tax on manure storage?

Leadership strategies

Said el Bogdidi. Pig farming in Spain: from insecurity to leadership

For an owner

Increasing the slaughter condition of pigs: global trends and practical advice

For a manager

Fundamentals of effective management of pig farm staff

For a technologist

Cycle 2.5 weeks: features and benefits for medium and large farms

Principles for maintaining the health of suckling piglets

Mareike Hirstmann. Suckling piglets: are there any alternatives to iron injections?

For a veterinary

ASF in Ukraine: risk factors for pig farming

Hemophilic polyserositis of piglets: how to diagnose?

How does the biofilm affect the action of the antibiotic?

Eleanor Yesina. Experience in combating epidemic diarrhea in pigs

Atlas of diseases: coccidiosis in piglets

Practical advice

Alexander Matsyuchenko. Best management practices in the farrowing shop: sorting and transplanting piglets into "stepmother" nests


Pig farm heating system: the best solution

The best technological solutions for feeding pigs


The parable of happiness

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