1 (55) | February, 2020

Table of contents

Markets overview

Pig production in Ukraine: performance at the start of the year


Experience of responsible pork production

Pork producers ask, experts answer

Question on amortization of long-term biological assets, especially boars and sows, effective term the use of which has ended

Question on the obligation of the enterprise to pay VAT for the liquidated animals as a result of African swine fever outbreaks?

Expert's point of view

Sperm production management: recommended rules

For an owner

5 Steps of Fight Strategy against ASF

Igor Klimenok: "'Unified state register of veterinary documents' achievements of European quality standards of electronic administrative services

For a manager

K. Fevre How to improve management in a multiplier, to avoid production downturn

For a technologist

Mycotoxin Management: why adsorbents are indispensable

Feeding pigs at growing-finishing: key aspects

For a veterinary

Lawsonia intracellularis in pigs: mechanism of affection

O. Romanov Causes of sudden death of finishers

D. Masyuk, A. Kokarev, O. Yefimova, T. Vasilenko, S. Shatalov Swine flu: diagnostic features, control and prevention

Atlas of diseases: pig arthritis

Practical advice

Failure of sows insemination: practical cases

Compliance with hygiene requirements to pig farms. Working Instruction Sanitation of vehicles"


K. Rasmussen The importance of ventilation in production of high-performance pigs in Ukraine

J. Wennberg y Rutlant Feeding systems for lactating sows


A parable about malice

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