3 (51) | June, 2019

Table of contents

Industry events

AGRO-2019 Exhibition: An Effective Platform for Production Improvement

XI International Congress 'Profitable Pig Production': 11 years of unity in action

A Leader of the Industry: Honorary Awards for Dedicated Work

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Goodvalley is a Double Jubilee

Biosecurity on the Pork Production Chain: Audits of Pig Farms and Slaughterhouses

New Start of Simulation Exercises

Markets overview

D. Prikhodko Global Pork Market Trends and Outlook

Domestic Pork Market: Playing Conditions in the First Half of 2019

Price Situation on the Feed Market of Ukraine


Development Strategy of Domestic Pig Production

For an owner

Benchmarking is a Tool for Those Who Wants to Develop


Fuel Storage in Agrarian Enterprise: Licensing and Excise Duty

For a manager

S. Gray Feed Conversion Rate: A Genetic Prospective

For a technologist

M. Kopec Alternatives to Traditional Feed Ingredients in Order to Decrease Production Cost of Pig Feeding

A. Flohr Solutions for Lacting Sows and Suckling Piglets Problems

For a veterinary

V. Piotrovich Gastrointestinal Infections in the Industrial Pig Farming Control and Prevention

Krasnopilskyi MMK, LLC: Experience in Dealing with Pig Dysentery

Practical advice

M. Demchak Feed Mill Projects of Various Capacity Expert Advice


C. Rasmussen Ventilation System as an Element of Farm Biosafety

10 facts

T. Shevchenko What Does a Consumer Expect From Pork?

Unexpected facts

Smartphone is a Fever 'Detector'


The Parable of Self-Believe

Milk and Farm magazine