5 (47) | October, 2018

Table of contents

Industry events

Record Clash of Agrotitans 2018

VI International Pig Farm Day: meeting in a new format

National conference on ASF: most important information from leading experts

Seminar African swine fever transboundary disease: best practices on the guard of the disease

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Biosecurity and Biosafety common efforts against ASF

AUPB became a part of the Public Council under the State service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection

Markets overview

¾ year behind: intermediate results of domestic industrial pig production

Will the cost of meal low?


Servolux-Genetic LLC: European quality of domestic production

For an owner

State support for livestock: results of 2018 and plans for 2019

Regland D. Pork Producer Certification: American experience

Robeiko V. Goodvalley Ukraine, LLC: the experience of G.A.P.- certification in Ukraine

For a manager

Poblotsky O. The concept of stakeholders in the strategy of feed security: the role of buyers and suppliers

Gray S. We need to think about tomorrow pig breeding

Ariane van de Weyr H. Requirements for the welfare of pigs: the implementation of European standards

For a technologist

Gumen V. Recommendations for feeding weaned and fattening pigs

Osipenko O., Suika E. Is there an alternative to using antibiotics for piglets at weaning?

Impact of drinking placements on pig welfare

Landver B. Feeding weaners to reduce the use of antibiotics

For a veterinary

Romanov O. Ileitis: economic significance, the basis of diagnosis, monitoring and prevention

Neuzhil I. Raska P. P. Leptospirosis of pigs "hidden" threat


Zulovich Y. Program maintenance of the ventilation system

Rassmussen K. Choice of a pig farm heating system

Unexpected facts


Meaning of life

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