№ 4 (58) | August, 2020

Table of contents

Industry events

Profitable Pig Production Magazine: 10 years at the forefront of the industry

Markets overview

Overview of the global pork market

The "corona trend" of the world meat market


Ukrayinska Volnytsia LLC: success - in independence

Expert's point of view

Demchak M. Feed production in Ukraine: trends and prospects

Leadership strategies

PE "Ahrarna kompaniya-2004": new horizons!

Genesus: "first steps" in the Ukrainian market of breeding pigs

For an owner

Enthusiasts "grew up": 9 years of the Association of Pig Farmers of Ukraine

For a manager

Management of large liters: sows- "stepmother". Basic principles and the simplest model of transplanting piglets

For a technologist

Dobriansky S. Alternatives to soy protein sources in the diets of fattening pigs: the experience of different countries

Jorgensen J.N. Live spore cultures in the fight against antibiotic resistance

The importance of water consumption

For a veterinary

Shatalov S., Yefimova O., Kokarev A., Masyuk D. Spirochetosis of pigs: features of laboratory diagnostics

Bekh O., Musiyko R. Innovative solutions in systems management: the example of Ukrainian Volnytsia LLC

Practical advice

How to achieve the best transport hygiene?

Observance of hygienic requirements to pig farms. Work instruction "Sanitary and hygienic requirements for drinking water. Rehabilitation of water supply system »


Salata I. The importance of objective assessment of sow condition

High-efficiency fans - greater energy efficiency

Unexpected facts


“Milk and Farm” magazine