Benchmarking in pig farming: cognition comes through comparison

At the present moment benchmarking is a vogue word in administrative sphere. In Ukraine it is regarded cautiously and with mistrust, bewaring that benchmarking can be ‘a commercial scouting.’ And this is when farmers in progressive pig breeding countries pay quite a sum of money to use this instrument.

Immunocastration: minus flavour, plus profit

Deep smell of feces and urine is a peculiarity of mature intact boars’ meat. To avoid this situation, boars are traditionally castrated on first days of life. But concern about animal welfare was an impact to invent a new method — immunocastration. You can read about its advantage in the article below.

European future of Ukrainian pig production

Based on materials of Remco Shriver Report «Recommendations on improving Ukraine’s Pig Industry Regulations».

We are living in the time when complaining that something «wrong» is not enough, we must act, and there are opportunities of reforms! This principle was used by the Association of Pig Producers of Ukraine, when it applied to the project «Agroinvest» USAID to involve International Expert on veterinary medicine and public health protection Remco Shrijver for analyzing the situation in Ukraine. As a result of ten days staying in our country he has provided recommendations directed at harmonizing the legislation of Ukraine with the EU requirements in three areas: veterinary-protection zones and sanitary breaks, approval documentation, rules for importing pigs from other countries. Here is short version of his report.

Prolificacy or heavier litter: when the economy is better?

Victoria Pylypets-Romaniuk, head technologist of «Servolux-Genetic»

Almost all world genetic companies pay key attention to increasing number of liveborn piglets in maternal lines selection. Thus now it is fancy to boast by number of piglets per farrowing, but how far is it economically practical?

Hyperproductivity of sows: what to do with extra piglets?

Thomas Greve, consulting technician of Danish genetics DanAvl

Olena Vasylevych, regional sales manager Breeders of Denmark A/S

Can the Ukrainian consulting service exist?

Victor Evert, coordinator of Consultation center of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

There is no one pig commercial enterprise, which would not require the consultancy service. In Ukraine there are those, who have already established the cooperation (mainly enterprises with foreign investments), the other (the majority) still cannot decide, because, they say, they don’t feel the necessity and don’t know whom to believe. But the situation in the country develops so that only the strongest will survive. To become the same, one must learn and optimize work. Who can teach and organize the system? The consultants can. Their role in our pig breeding business will become more and more immediate. That’s why, it’s necessary to know what consultancy services are available in our market and how to orientate which of them will give the result.

Pig genetics: peculiarities of feeding of gestating sows

Peter-Jan Maas, Independent feed advisor (Netherlands)

Pork production is becoming more and more efficient primarily thanks to genetic progress. From this article you’ll learn about the peculiarities of the most globally spread genetic types of pigs, and also the factors that influence the maximum fulfillment of their potential.

SPF status: an advantage or an expensive whim?

Maria Yaroshko, master of Business Administration, Ukrainian-German agrarian dialogue expert

Reducing Cost of Production

Simon Grey is an independent adviser of pig grams management, director of consulting company Checkfarm Consulting Ltd

The production cycle of a pig is about 11 months (from insemination to sale). When the process is started you do not know how much product you will sell and what will be the price for it. That is why producing for the lowest cost is important as it gives us the highest chance of making a profit!

To control cost firstly we have to really understand what cost really is. For example it is easy to reduce the cost of production on any farm by 60% . All we have to do is to simply stop feeding the pigs!!! Clearly however this is not possible as the pigs will die and the business will have nothing to sell and go bankrupt!

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