4 (06) | December, 2011

Table of contents


News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Markets overview


Hlobyno pig farm Gulliver of Poltava pig production.

Management . conomics

I. Panibratets. The guide for job searcher

Heating season on the pig farm


J. Campbell. Plasma protein in piglets feeding

L.Podobyed. The place of dried distillers grains with solubles in the system of economically feasible feeding of pigs

Fattening is a responsible finish

Gert-Jan Gerrits. Feeding strategy for achieving he best condition of

O.Kryzhak, R. Ohrodnichyi. Some aspects of dry disinfection of the pig farm

Preventing of colisepticaemia

T Tobias Steiner, V.Lokhov Volatile oils in the diet of finishers is another secre

S. Perehudov. Hose system sprinkler system for manure application

Leadership strategies

Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny modern pig farm in nine month

Time for an effective manager

In defense of bureaucracy and paper chase


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