3 (21) | June, 2014

Table of contents

Industry events



National pig day on base Kamchatka, LLC

VI International congress Profitable Pig Production: know how the sector lives, and keep up with innovations

Award Leader of the sector 2014

Agro2014: XXVI International agroindustrial show

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

The AUPP general meeting wthin the frame of Agro-2014 show

Open meeting of the working group

Markets overview

Markets overview

Feed markets: summer melting of prices

A. Loza Situation and perspectives of pork market in Ukraine and world

Hot topic

E. Kryvorot Nonsenses of breeding legislation

V. Pylypets-Romaniuk Notes on breeding business


Tatiana Larina: Full attention to staff and work with animals

Management . conomics

J. Gadd More about correct production assessment and rational approach for the increasing of income

V. Evert Methodology of comprehensive audit

P. Smid How to increase the number of weaners per sow

T. Greve, O. Vasylevich Hyperproductivity of sows

Feeds . Feeding

M. Yaroshko Sunflower or soyabean cake for finishing pigs?

N. Rot Feed hygiene

O. Weaver Results of raw material analysis on mycotoxins: world and Ukraine

A. Bordune Organic forms of trace elements are the guarantee of sows and piglets' health

M. Mashkivskiy, N. Galynska How to save the vitamines in premixes and mixed feed

Health status

V. Evert Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea is a new danger for our pigbreeding

J. Carr PED on the farm don't do mistakes!

O. Beh Practical examples of reproductive problems diagnostics in pigbreeding

Arthritis in piglets


O. Baban Boars semen preparation

Leadership strategies

Agro Plus 2006, LLC: grow pigs without antibiotics is real

Liga, FB: International nucleus farm in Kirovograd region

Unexpected facts


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