№ 6 (54) | December, 2019

Table of contents

Industry events

International Pig Farm Day 2019: from business to business

AgroComplex 2019: technologies determine future

Meat Business 2019: about the future of the sector and beyond

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

KSG AGRO Group develops the most promising projects, first of all — pig farming!

"Green light" for pig production without antibiotics and by welfare standards

ASF vaccine is possible to appear in three years

Markets overview

Pig farming in a Year of Pig: what do we finish with?

V. Pekin Grain results and forecasts: efficiency records of 2019

Pork producers ask, experts answer

The question of whether it is fixed in regulatory documents the percentage of mortality at different stages of pig production

Questions on permission of feeding pigs with pig by-products

Question on obligatory components of pigfarm biosecurity

Expert's point of view

Pros and cons of feed savings

Leadership strategies

Rantier LLC: practices of conscious production

For an owner

10 questions about profitability: pig producer answer

For a manager

V. Nechmilov Early piglets weaning: features and benefits

For a technologist

T. Sonderby Bruun Flush feeding for increasing the size of gilts' litter

K. Bostiournois, R. Coedake The strain matters: properly selected combinations are the key to successful decisions

V. Kuibida Best practices of sow insemination: experience of Barcom Ltd.

For a veterinary

O. Sheptuha Topical causes of diarrhea in suckling piglets

Atlas of diseases: gastric ulcers

O. Romanov Reproductive disorders caused by PCV-2: field case

Practical advice

Compliance with hygiene requirements for pig farms. Working instruction "Preventive disinfection of pig farms"


Енергоефективна система вентиляції свиноферм

Equipment in insemination unit


Lesson of a butterfly

“Milk and Farm” magazine