3 (33) | June, 2016

Table of contents

Industry events



Trade mission: Korean outlooks for Ukrainian meat

IX International Pig Congress from Zoetis: up-to-date and on a large scale

Agri Invest Forum: how to get out of the crisis?

AgroVetAtlantic celebrated its 10th anniversary by gastronomic tour

Biochem: 30 years experience in safety feeding

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

International conference African swine fever: risk awareness growth and decrease of risks

Meeting of the Working Group: find answers on key questions

Yavir Agroservis is a new member of UAPP

New scaner for pig carcasses classification in Ukraine

Markets overview

Pork market: what influences the price?

World pork market

Feed market outlook

Hot topic

How much is the ASF?


Dan-Farm Ukraine, LLC: native pig breeding with Danish spirit

Management . conomics

Impact factors on litter homogenity

M. Povod, V. Dudin Methodology of real livestock calculation into srandard (relative) pig unit

I. Salata Finishing unit or sow unit?

Helpful advice

J. Carr ASF and staff: where does the biosecurity start?

Feeds . Feeding

Feeding piglets: some important aspects

How to feed breeding boars?

A. Heseker What should be the feed for piglets after weaning and in early growing?

Efficience of live sporous culture usage

Health status

V. Evert New threats of modern pig farming

PRRS virus: history, peculiarities and economical impact

ASF eradication: Poland experience

Leadership strategies

Pork production control in EU countries

KSG Agro: We have alot to be proud of but we strive to the greater


K. Rasmussen Key aspects of ventilation on pig complexes

Business trip

World Pork Expo the biggest exhibition in pig farming

The competitor . Meatprocessing

LembergMit, LLC: at home by hear, in world by thoughts


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