№ 4 (76) | August, 2023

Table of contents

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

The AUPB organized training for specialists of the State Production and Consumer Service

Biosafety best practices: training videos from the Association Ukrainian Pig Breeders

The IV module of the veterinary school of pig farms has been completed

The AUPB is replenished with new members

Markets overview

Pork market: another unusual year?

Wheat market: how does the harvest campaign end and what prices to expect?


FG "Pan Produkt": improving today to be ready for tomorrow's challenges

Expert's point of view

Impulse therapy in pig farming: what should you know?

For a technologist

Dobryanskyi S. Advantages of the strategy of feeding piglets with the use of milk feeding systems

What has the greatest impact on production indicators of pigs in fattening?

Fight against respiratory diseases in pigs

For a veterinary

Brown J. Causes of failure and parameters assessment of the condition of sows

Masyuk D., Kokarev A., Nedzvetskyi V. Modern ideas about rotavirus infection and features of its laboratory diagnosis


Equipment of a pen for group housing of sows

Modernized fans - optimal ventilation and energy efficiency

Practical pig farming with Andrii and Ilona Grabenko

Technological indicators and throughput capacity of the farm

A healthy farm

Esina E. Management and health of animals in the nursery: sows

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