1 (01) | September, 2010

Table of contents


In Ukraine, pig production is strategic, perspective and profitable

Meeting of the producers at Demis Agro Ltd

Meeting of the producers at Danosha Ltd

Markets overview

Our research

Top-30 pig producers of Ukraine


Arthur Loza: Ukrainian pig production realizes only the 10th part of its possibilities

Management . conomics

Investments in pig production of Ukraine: the lack of desire

Nutrition economics of pig production: think and count!

Sigma PE, they got the right sow by the ear, naming it so

Manager and his time or who will get the monkey?


Keis Scheepens: The most terrible thing on the farm is a professional blindness

What your pig is complaining about or dont give illnesses the smallest chance!

The key to success is to recognize heat in time

Leadership strategies

Denmark is a country of pig producers

Laughing at the farm

Unexpected facts

No more odors from the pig farms

Needleless injection devices: military technologies on the pig farm

Microchip laboratory determines pathogens in less than no time

A father from abroad


Correct calculation

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