3 (27) | June, 2015

Table of contents

Industry events



VII International Congress Profitable Pig Production: the most important in production is to know how to save wise

Leader of the industry 2015: the tradition proven over time

International agroinvestment forum: be strong in a down economy

Agro 2015: international ground for dialogue

Round table: Growing Ukraine. Denationalization

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Association of Pig Breedeers of Ukraine: now there are 35 of us!

Meeting with five ministers

Markets overview

Pork production and processing

World pork market: trends and prospects

Feed market

Black Friday in Ukrainian

Hot topic

Grant programs from EBRD


Rosan-Agro LLC: from soviet technologies to world standards

Legal advice

Prospects of development the environmentally safe farming

Management . conomics

O. Golovko, A. Loza The pigfarm analysis of performance

J. Erickson Wean-to-finish american technology of pig housing

V. Mikhailov Optimal parameters of air for pigs

Helpful advice

O. Sheptuha Basic manipulations in a sow unit

Feeds . Feeding

A. Morillo Wheat vs. corn diets

Live sporous culture: one more piglet weaned!

NeopiggTMRescuecare: liquid feeding for piglets

A. Heseker Sows feeding during reproduction cycle

Rush period for experts on feeding: alerting the heat stress in sows

Chelates in sows' diets: how to improve performance and reduce culling rate

Health status

J. Carr Colostral milk management

K. Kostiushkevych Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug in big breeding

PED spread control during transportation

Feed contamination by PED virus

Ketoprofen of flunixin: what is more efficient at Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae treatment?


K. Rasmussen Classical ventilation system of negative pressure

Leadership strategies

New complex Nastashka AB LLC: materialization of best practices and technologies

The competitor

UniKredit Bank: The main thing is confidence and partnership relations

Business trip

O. Yurchenko Pig farming can be different or what interesting was seen in America!

Unexpected facts


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