3 (27) | June, 2015

Table of contents

Industry events



VII International Congress Profitable Pig Production: the most important in production is to know how to save wise

Leader of the industry 2015: the tradition proven over time

International agroinvestment forum: be strong in a down economy

Agro 2015: international ground for dialogue

Round table: Growing Ukraine. Denationalization

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Association of Pig Breedeers of Ukraine: now there are 35 of us!

Meeting with five ministers

Markets overview

Pork production and processing

World pork market: trends and prospects

Feed market

Black Friday in Ukrainian

Hot topic

Grant programs from EBRD


Rosan-Agro LLC: from soviet technologies to world standards

Legal advice

Prospects of development the environmentally safe farming

Management . conomics

O. Golovko, A. Loza The pigfarm analysis of performance

J. Erickson Wean-to-finish american technology of pig housing

V. Mikhailov Optimal parameters of air for pigs

Helpful advice

O. Sheptuha Basic manipulations in a sow unit

Feeds . Feeding

A. Morillo Wheat vs. corn diets

Live sporous culture: one more piglet weaned!

NeopiggTMRescuecare: liquid feeding for piglets

A. Heseker Sows feeding during reproduction cycle

Rush period for experts on feeding: alerting the heat stress in sows

Chelates in sows' diets: how to improve performance and reduce culling rate

Health status

J. Carr Colostral milk management

K. Kostiushkevych Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug in big breeding

PED spread control during transportation

Feed contamination by PED virus

Ketoprofen of flunixin: what is more efficient at Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae treatment?

Leadership strategies

New complex Nastashka AB LLC: materialization of best practices and technologies

The competitor

UniKredit Bank: The main thing is confidence and partnership relations


K. Rasmussen Classical ventilation system of negative pressure

Business trip

O. Yurchenko Pig farming can be different or what interesting was seen in America!

Unexpected facts


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