№ 5 (59) | October, 2020

Table of contents

Industry events

Battle of Agrotitans 2020: VIII exhibition-demonstration of equipment in the field

XII International Congress "Profitable Pig Breeding": what do domestic pork producers live on?

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

ACS together with Persha Insurance Company presented an affordable insurance program

FAO and AUPB will work together to improve control over the use of antibiotics in livestock

Markets overview

Pig farming in Ukraine: three quarters of the year behind, what's next?

Situation in Ukrainian feed production: will pigs be fed?


PE "Yavir-Agroservice": Our philosophy is to help, develop, cooperate

Pork producers ask, experts answer

What tests are required under the new form of international veterinary certificate?

What serotypes of leptospirosis should be tested for sperm donor animals for import into Ukraine?

What threatens the lack of documents for the fuel storage tank and how and who can help with their registration?

For an owner

Agricultural cooperation in Ukraine and the world

For a manager

Euthanasia and welfare: best practices for humane killing of pigs

Management of large jacks: svynomatky- "stepmother" and replanting schemes pigs

For a technologist

Feeding to increase the survival of piglets

Requirements for well-being: how to choose the optimal floor covering?

Richard J. Huck. Farm fly control: key measures to reduce morbidity and productivity costs

For a veterinary

Sheptukha O. Systematic surveillance of swine flu viruses as a method of pandemic prevention

Yefimov V., Trygub I., Glushko T., Masyuk D. Control of pig supply with vitamins

Kirvan E. Mass vaccination as the main approach to effective control of PRRS virus: practical experience

Practical advice

Check your biosecurity!


Salata I. How to determine the optimal area of the pen for pigs?

Low pressure ventilation systems are an effective solution to ensure the welfare of pigs


The secret of success

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