1 (37) | February, 2017

Table of contents

Current events

ASF reality: new cases are almost every day

Industry events

AGRO ANIMAL SHOW2017: meeting "old-new" customers and partners

Profile associations support talented youth

News of the Ukrainian Pig Producers Association

Winter session of APPU: professional meeting in the warm company

Salvation drowning - the handiwork of drowning?

Working Group: Focus on a strategy of action for the 2017th

Markets overview

Rating of the most powerful pork producers

Will there be enough grain in Ukraine?


Ukraine, LLC: If choose than the best. If do, do it qualitatively!

For an owner

"Where the wind blows?" or what key factors will affect the pork market this year

What awaits for grain market in 2017?

2017th: how the coutry will support its "native" producers?

For a manager

Efficiency begins with sows

Practical tips to optimize feeding and decrease other production costs

For a technologist

Increased productivity of pigs by spore-forming probiotics

How to achieve the target consumption of the feed by weaned piglets?

Bioactive peptides for the piglets growth

For a veterinary

The procedure of pathoanatomical autopsy of pigs


Feeding technologies for sows in groups

Energy efficient ventilation for pigs

For a gourmand

Pork is useful?

Business trip

Germany: a visit to a pig production workshop

Milk and Farm magazine