Practical tips for optimization of feeding and reduction of other production costs

Reducing the cost of feeding and production costs in general is a very complex process, which involves careful monitoring of a number of issues: forage production, formation of rations and technologies of feeding, herd management and health status of pigs. There are some simple but effective tips on this theme.

  • How the feeding of pigs can be improved?

  • Reducing the fineness of grain grinding by 100 μm (microns), helps to increase the efficiency of feeding by 1.2%. Granulation reduces feed costs by 20% in terms of one feeder. An obligatory practice in the farm should be the adjustment of equipment for the production of feed.

  • How can you save on the work of feeders?

  • Scientists at the Kansas University recommend to correct the work of the feeding system in several steps. First, cut off access to feed in the feeders after cleaning. Second, adjust the feeder so that the feed is fed in a small stream and for one feed the trough was filled only by a third. About the third step read in the article in the journal «Profitable Pig Production» No. 37 (No. 1, February 2017).

  • Liquid or dry feeding?

  • Selection of the feeding system (liquid or dry) is individual for each producer. Some of them argue that liquid feed suits better for the physiological needs of pigs. Wet feed is tastier than dry one, that increases its consumption and growth. On the other hand, the use of dry feeding requires less expenditure on equipment and maintenance.

  1. How does the quality of feed affect the health of pigs?
  2. What are the recommendations on the content of nutrients in the traditional diet of pigs?
  3. What is the rate of the nutrients needed for sows?
  4. Is it necessary to monitor feed intake and consumption?
  5. Does the production performance of pigs worsen the insufficient amount of water consumed?
  6. What features of feeding before the sale of pigs for slaughter?

Answers to these and other questions are to be found in the full version of the article in the journal «Profitable Pig Production» No. 37 (No. 1, February 2017)

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