ASF: what is the right way of pig farm disinfection?

The first step to preserve the pig production business from ASF is the complex disinfection of farm. It includes disinfection of:

Production units, stationary equipment; Units in the presence of animals by aerosol spraying method (preventive measures); Water supply systems and animal watering line; All «incoming materials»; Transport (for transportation of animals, feed, death loss etc.).

10 components of successful farrowing

Farrowing is a responsible process and the efficiency of production largely depends on it. Therefore, to ensure its success you need to be prepared well. Ten important tips will help you to do it.

Practical tips for optimization of feeding and reduction of other production costs

Reducing the cost of feeding and production costs in general is a very complex process, which involves careful monitoring of a number of issues: forage production, formation of rations and technologies of feeding, herd management and health status of pigs. There are some simple but effective tips on this theme.

30 FAQs must know about sperm

Almost every pig farm works with boar sperm. However, do we know all the information needed?

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